2013 H.S. Football Preview: Southeast Seminoles

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BRADENTON - The Southeast Seminoles are usually challenging for a district title, or at least a playoff spot. If they are to do so this year, they will have to do so with a lot of new faces.

The 2013 Southeast Seminoles will not have a lot of experience, they will not have 20 starters from 2012, but they will have one thing that cannot be taught. “I see some size there. I see a little more size than maybe we had last year at some of the positions. Whether they can grow in and develop as quickly as we need them with the schedule we play, I don't know that. That will be answered until the middle of the season," says head coach Paul Maechtle.

They also will have Courtney Allen, an all-state running back who will be the one certainty on the team. “I have got to show leadership; come in early and let these guys know I am the leader on this team. Come in early before practice starts and be the last one to leave when practice is over. Just show leadership like that," says Allen.

Handing off to him will be the new quarterback, Jack Shinn. “It’s definitely helpful to have Courtney. I mean, he is an all-state running back going into his last year. We have Cecil Richardson, a 6' 5'' tight end, that’s always exciting. We have a lot of speed at the receiver position. Some guys from the track team coming out," says Shinn.

“I have seen a lot with Jack. He has been working his butt off all summer, learning plays, trying to understand defenses, putting in plays. He has put a lot of time in," says offensive lineman Lee Hudson.

On defense, it will be an all new defensive line, and a completely new secondary. Part of that secondary is former quarterback James Thomas. "I see a lot of potential on our defense. Even though we are young, we get a lot of work, get a lot done with our defense," says Thomas.

With so many new faces, Coach Maechtle is getting back to the basics that got him into the high school hall of fame. "We have a bunch of candidates that we think can get it done for us. Now, we have to find out."

The ‘Noles play at Venice for their Kickoff Classic on August 23rd, and then open their season at home against Lakewood Ranch on the 30th.