Athlete of the Week October 10th: Niamh O'Grady of Riverview

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SARASOTA - One of the most important aspects of sports is to "peak" at the right time. One Riverview High student is not only peaking at the right time of the season, but also at the right time of her high school career.

As the district, regional, and state swim tournaments are approaching, Niamh O'Grady is narrowing her focus for the defending state champion Riverview Rams swim team.

"Niamh is the best end of the year swimmer there is. She is a great racer as the season winds down. Finishing strong is her specialty," says Rams swimming coach Brent Arckey.

In fact, the Rams are so used to being among the best in the state, they recently made a trip to the new site of the state swim meet -- a place at which the Rams hope that she will excel. “We recently went to Stuart, the site of the state meet, to get used to the pool because it is a new site this year. I was 8th in the 100m and we finished 6th, 4th and 3rd in our relays," says O’Grady.

She is the rock on those 3 relay teams because her teammates know she will be there when it counts. "You always know she is good. They expect for her to come through," says Coach Arckey.

The pool is where she spends most of the time, and she sees her teammates more than she sees her parents, but she wouldn't trade this time for anything. “Love being in the water. We are in the pool 23 hours almost and these girls are like family. And the guys, too," says O’Grady.

Congratulations to Niamh O’Grady. She is our ABC 7 Athlete of the Week.