Athlete of the Week November 1st - Trevon Walters

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BRADENTON - The Manatee Hurricanes are #1 in the nation, and while their defense and quarterback deservedly get much of the credit, their running back Trevon Walters is having an outstanding year.

The hurricanes are undefeated and averaging over 50 points a game, and Walters is the star running back of this year's team. “He's explosive, he takes coaching and he has a great work ethic. He has the best standing long jump on the team. He runs a sub-4.5 Forty, and that is all you can ask of a kid. Just maximize your ability,” says head coach Joe Kinnan.

Walters has over 760 yards this year on the ground, but maybe none more impressive than the 24 he picked up against Palmetto last Friday night. It was an amazing display of sheer will. “Everybody was saying because Josh Hicks is #9 too for Palmetto, so they were wondering who is the real #9. So, Friday night, that run, I just didn't want to go down. I just wanted to get in the zone and show them who is the real #9.”

With their top all-purpose player Anthony Lauro out for the year with an injury, Walters is picking up more of the receiving load as well as his ground duties. “He's got 20-something catches this season, too. He's got very good hands. We expect our running backs to be able to catch. He has to catch passes out of the backfield, gotta catch the pitch on the options and he has to catch the shovel pass, and he has to be able to release and catch in the secondary,” says Coach Kinnan.

For his part, the junior running back likes to adhere to the K.I.S.S. theory: Keep It Simple. “Like Forrest Gump. Just trying to put points on the scoreboard. Just simple things.”

Congratulations to Trevon Walters of Manatee High School, he is our ABC 7 Athlete of the Week.