Athlete of the Week May 2nd - Myles Braxton-Johnson

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BRADENTON - Spring football began Wednesday, but Myles Braxton-Johnson is not among those on the field. He will graduate in May and just received some great news about college.

Braxton-Johnson took over the quarterbacking duties at Southeast High after Dyron Speight graduated. He quickly became a leader of the team he led to the playoffs.

“He understood his strengths, he understood what some of his assets were, but he also understood some of his liabilities and he worked at trying to diminish those liabilities. Those strengths have served him in good stead during our football season," says Southeast head coach Paul Maechtle.

Last season Braxton-Johnson threw 16 touchdown passes with just 3 interceptions. He was not only an athletic QB, but also a very cerebral one. “The kids looked up to Myles because he was a good student. He knew a lot about the offense we were running and he also performed well academically in the classroom," says Coach Maechtle.

It his mind that mattered to Foot Locker; Braxton-Johnson was recently awarded a $20,000 scholarship from the sporting goods company for his academics. "I was extremely excited. I was shocked because I didn't know about it at all. My principals came in, Coach Maechtle came in. I was extremely excited. I am still shocked to this day about it."

He is taking his academic talents to Georgetown. He has a 4.4 GPA, but he will also try to use his athletic talents on the football field. "I hope to start next year at Georgetown, but I also hope to be a doctor. That is in the future though."

Congratulations to Myles Braxton-Johnson of Southeast High School. He is our ABC 7 Athlete of the Week.