Athlete of the Week March 6th - Miriam Schmoll of Bayshore

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BRADENTON, Fla. -- Rarely does such a young athlete jump onto the sports scene so quickly, but Miriam Schmoll of Bayshore High School has done just that for the softball team.

Just a freshman, Schmoll has already made quite an impression in high school, both in the classroom and on the softball field.

"She is a natural. I have seen her pitch since she was a baby. I have been anticipating getting her, and now that I have her, I am pleased. She makes coaching easier," says Bruins head coach Frank Luther.

Schmoll has a weighted 4.6 GPA, and is 7-0 on the mound, leads the team in hitting with a batting average of .675, and has pitched a no-hitter already.

“It was amazing. It’s just incredible to go out there and have a great time. That is all I was doing with my teammates," she says.

She has been a big reason, but just one of many, that the Bruins are 11-0 on the season. She studies hard, but softball means the world to her. “To live every day as if it were my last. This is life for me. This is what I do every day; I eat, sleep, and breath it. I love this game. I definitely have a passion for it."

"She is a great kid. She is very coachable, easy to coach. So, to have a player like that and know she is just a freshman and know you are going to have her for 3 more years? It is great," says Coach Luther.

Congratulations to Miriam Schmoll of Bayshore High. She is our ABC 7 Athlete of the Week.