Athlete of the Week January 10th - Trevon Young

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BRADENTON - Trevon Young of Braden River High School is a big, young man with a body suited to power forward in basketball and offensive line in football. He plays both and he has the performance that is suited for our ABC 7 Athlete of the Week.

Although he already has interest from football schools like Florida, FIU, Missouri, Iowa State and Florida Atlantic, basketball is Trevon's first love -- and it shows. “It's just been all of my life I’ve been playing basketball, so I watch and see other positions and see how they play, and see how they dribble and stuff like that. I come out on the court and it's just natural. I don't think about it, I just do it.”

He is all over the court and he does many things that you wouldn’t expect a front court player to do: he is a good passer, a nimble defender, he gets hustle points, and he can make the steal, too.

“He’s averaged this year about 16.5 points a games, 12 rebounds, you know, two steals, two blocks and two assists a game. So he is very valuable, and you know, he does a lot of things that you don't even see on the stat sheet,” says head basketball coach Matt Nesser.

His footwork is excellent, which besides his 6’6'' frame, is what makes him valuable in football as well as basketball. But some of his talents would seem to be wasted on an offensive line somewhere.

“He’s a very good passer. And he sees…he’s a play ahead, really. He is a really a student of the game. Sometimes a lot of guards have that attribute, but he is a forward kind of a point forward,” says Coach Nesser.

Through it all, with a big decision looming in the near future, Trevon thinks about his team first, and basketball is the team in season right now. “What do I have to do tonight to get our team a win? If it's scoring, then that’s what I’ll have to do. If it's rebounding, defense, whatever, it's just the team looks at me as a leader, so I'm going to get on the floor and do whatever it takes to get a win that night.”

“I love him to death, not only because he is a good basketball player, but more so because of his character and his work ethic. He is a tremendous young man. I hope that my sons turn out to be like Trevon Young,” says Coach Nesser.

Congratulations to Trevon Young of Braden River High School. He is our ABC 7 Athlete of the Week.