Athlete of the Week February 14th - Alexandria Bartley

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SARASOTA - Alexandria Bartley is strong of both mind and body. After just two short years of training, the Booker sophomore has become one of the best in her sport. The weightlifter is our ABC 7 Athlete of the Week.

Bartley watched her sister lift weights in high school and she was so inspired by her sister, and her sister's coaches, that she decided to take up the sport. She did just that, and fell in love.

"Along with her natural ability, and her desire to lift weights and excel, has given her the success she’s recently had," says Booker weightlifting coach Bob Smithers.

She only took the sport up last year, but this year she just recently finished 2nd in the state in the 183 pound division. It was a quick climb to the podium for Alex. "It was actually good, because it was an improvement from last year, 6th place. So I’d rather come in 2nd place if I had known I done my best," says Bartley.

Because she loves weightlifting, she took to it quicker than others may have, and her other traits put her over the top. "Her desire to want to weightlift, and then she’s got this natural strength that a lot of people don't have. And that separates her from the other," says Coach Smithers.

She has a perfect 4.0 GPA, and does not plan on taking weightlifting any further than high school, at least competitively, because what she wants to do requires her to be in tip-top shape. "I plan on going into the military right after high school; either the reserves or just through months of boot camp and basic training, straight to the military."

Congratulations to Alexandria Bartley of Booker High School, she is our ABC 7 Athlete of the Week.