Athlete of the Week December 6th - Ju Juan Pollock

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BRADENTON - The Manatee Hurricanes will travel to Fort Lauderdale to play St. Thomas Aquinas Friday night for the right to play in the Class 7A state championship game. They have many weapons, and one that came to the forefront last week was wide receiver Ju Juan Pollock.

Last week in Manatee’s 51-0 whitewashing of Fort Pierce Central in the Regional Finals, Pollock came of age with 4 touchdown catches to help the ‘Canes to a berth in the state final four…again. “It just felt real great to score four touchdowns…you get real pumped up, and you just wanna keep scoring and just want everything to go well for the team.”

The ‘Canes have so many offensive weapons, and Pollock himself has so many offensive talents, which help to make him invaluable. “The last three or four or five weeks, he is really playing at the top of his game. He’s running more precise routes, he’s blocking better, you know, he is making plays after the catch,” says head coach Joe Kinnan.

He shows his intelligence on the field and off. He is a 3.3 GPA student, with a high football IQ as well.

Well I think he’s got great speed, that’s a start. He has excellent hands and he is a very intelligent young man. He has the ability to comprehend what we're doing and understand the system that we run,” says Coach Kinnan.

“My speed, and my hands, and then my ability to try to get in front of a defender and try to block him and cut off his lane to tackle a player,” says Pollock.

Congratulations to Ju Juan Pollock of Manatee High School. He is our ABC 7 Athlete of the Week.