Sheriff retiring a "Special" horse

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SARASOTA COUNTY, FL - After 17 years in the Sarasota County mounted patrol "Special" a now 22 year old thoroughbred is retiring.

Special has worked every major event in the area including fairs, spring breaks on beaches, mall details during the holiday season. Even working a Superbowl in Tampa and other college football games. Her last big event was the Republican National Convention in Tampa last year.

Seven years ago Special was diagnosed with Lymphangitis in her left leg which caused it to swell. Deputies in the mounted patrol unit say she will be missed. "She has been such a faithful servant. Just about every new rider that has come into the mounted patrol unit since 1996 this was their first mount on the street because of her tolerance to new riders," says Sgt. Chris Laster.

So what's going to happen to Special? Tune in tonight on ABC 7 for the complete story.