Sarasota police department training manager let go

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SARASOTA FL. - After 32 years of service a veteran officer with the Sarasota Police Department has been let go, but now he's alleging foul play.

Training manager Ron Rossnagle was fired Tuesday.  He says the move came out of nowhere and is part of a personal attract against him.

Rossnagle started with the department in the 80's, he's a former SWAT team leader and police lieutenant with the department.  But, for the last five years he's held the civilian training position.  

Rossnagle says when Chief Dipeno joined the Sarasota Police Department she came with a new directive to get every officer 80 hours of training a year.  And, he was tasked with putting together that plan. But days after submitting it, he was let go.  The Sarasota Police Department says move was not personal and was made because of budget concerns.

Coming at 6 we sit down with Rossnagle and he tells us what he thinks is happening.