Road deal struck between Sarasota County and the city of Venice

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VENICE, FL - After more than 15 years it appears a deal has been reached between the city of Venice and Sarasota County when it comes to maintaining some local roads.

In parts of the city some street signs are green for the county and blue for the city. Years ago Venice annexed hundreds of properties into the local municipality. However, legally the roads where the property is was not included. County officials say that wasn't their intent. However, the city stuck by the deal.

Since then two sides have argued about who should be responsible for the roads. Recently the city agreeing to take over 11 miles worth of neighborhood streets after they have been resurfaced. In return the county will take over maintenance of a few larger collector roads. Venice Mayor John Holic says it's a good deal for both. "It's the best example you will find in government today. We started out at opposite ends of the spectrum and brought it down to a middle of the road thing that we can live with and the county can live with."

It's not a done deal. Venice city leaders still need to approve the contract the county signed off on. However, the city wrote up the plan.

If approved it's believed it could take up to five years for all the streets to change hands. We will have much more on this story coming up this evening on ABC 7 at 5:30.