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When Facebook, Instagram went down, people didn't know what to do

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(RNN) - Facebook and Instagram went down on Wednesday, which meant people don't know where to go to be outraged, post photos of their food, or get their news from Russian hackers.

The social media sites went off line about 11 a.m. ET, and Twitter exploded because people have to post something and share their thoughts somehow. Of course, Twitter is like your snarky aunt who has one glass too many at Thanksgiving. With more GIFs.

Also, the Pope reached 40 million Twitter followers this week, so maybe there's some divine intervention.

SnapChat is still full of people recording their radios so you know what they're listening to.

The social media sites are back up and running (for most people - some are still living in 2004), so you'll probably read this from a Facebook referral. Here are the best Twitter reactions to the disruption.

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