Police: Makeup seized in $700,000 raid contained feces

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LOS ANGELES (KABC/CNN) - The LAPD's anti-piracy unit raided 21 locations in the city's fashion district downtown, and seized $700,000 worth of fake cosmetics, imitating popular brands like Urban Decay, Nars, and Mac.

Officials said some of the makeup was contaminated with bacteria and human waste.

The investigation was initiated after customers called the actual cosmetic companies with complaints about rashes and bumps caused by the products.

One detective said the price tells you if a product is real or not.

"The price pretty much tells you. If you're getting something that's 50 percent off, 75 percent off - it tells you that it's bad,” said Detective Rick Ishitani.

“Those feces will just basically somehow get mixed into the product they're manufacturing in their garage or in their bathroom - wherever they're manufacturing this stuff," Ishitani continued.

Authorities said, six owners of raided companies were arrested while the rest received cease-and-desist orders.

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