Residents set to hold vigil for closed spring

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NORTH PORT, FL - In 2013 the most talked about story in North Port has to be Warm Mineral Springs. For five months now it has sat empty as city and county leaders try to agree on a plan.

Monday night dozens are expected to march in hopes 2014 will see the spring reopen.

There have been protests and pleas from the public to keep open and now to reopen the spring. Bought by both Sarasota County and the city of North Port to ensure public access it's now closed to everyone for the first time ever.

A few months back the two local governments seemingly striking a deal to get it back open for the short term but that too fell through. Residents and businesses near the spring say they're the most impacted. Property values down, rentals sit empty, and overall many like resident Ania Nazarian feel their quality of life has been closed down as well. "Give us back our life. This is part of our life. This is part of our experience of living here. That's why most of the people are here. That's why they have moved here."

City commissioners will be picking back up the issue on January 13th.

A candlelight vigil will start this Monday night just south of the spring and move towards the property starting at 6pm. Join us this evening for the latest.