Pork Love

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Call it an oxymoron, or just plain sign of the times with a pork popularity insurgence- this Jewish chef now loves pork! Fatty, crispy end juicy meat—smoked, slathered with BBQ sauce or Hoisin. The thicker the pork chops on the bone of course, the better. The fattier the piece the better and ribs-well call me southern and slap my knee silly- love the finger lickin’ tender racks, coleslaw and fries included.

I have been somewhat indifferent to bacon however, other than in search of a perfect BLT. Occasionally,( meaning twice a year) I order a BLT, usually someplace in California that will be loaded with avocado and thick slices of juicy red and yellow tomatoes. But then I found a new style of eating bacon –a “Flight of Bacon” at Datz in South Tampa, a deep fried bacon wrapped hot dog at Eat Here, (Siesta, Main Street Sarasota and Anna Maria Island) and a pork belly “BLT” at the Houstonian Hotel in Houston- which BTW there was a Pierce Morgan sighting- not sure if he was diving into the pork belly or martini)

Seriously, a flight of bacon -- white linen clothed plate arrives with a variety of back bacon, slab, special cured and a dipping of balsamic glaze. Now we are talking pig perfect.

A deep fried “heart attack” hot dog wrapped in bacon and wait for it—béarnaise sauce for dipping.

Thick, juicy and outstandingly crisp skin- the open faced pork belly sandwich with a pile of freshly fried seasoned potatoes, well I near chased back a Kentucky Bourbon just on the high note of perfection! (Instead, I sipped my iced tea and acted like the other ladies lunching, although they probably picked at the chicken salad plate—losers!!!)

I have had bacon- maple ice cream and bacon bread pudding- both pretty darn good, (both at Beach Bistro)

There is bacon salt on the rim of the bacon infused vodka specialty Bloody Mary at The Table for Sunday brunch. Let me say this again-bacon infused vodka!

So, my ode to the pig is simple- Swine when you dine!!

Culinary Director

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