Pets of the Day: Ben and Jerry

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Monday's Pets of the Day are Ben and Jerry, a pair of adorable kitties available for adoption from Cat Depot.

Here, we'll let the cats explain their situation:

"Hello there! I am Jerry, and this is my brother Ben. We are named after the famous Ben and Jerry duo because we are sweet as ice cream. We were found outside, "Hazed and Confused" freezing our "Cinnamon Buns" off when a very nice lady scooped us up and brought us to Cat Depot.

We are an inseparable pair and complement each other like Milk & Cookies. We are looking for a home that needs double the love and double the snuggles. Honestly, who wouldn’t want S’more of that?

The one thing our ideal forever family must have is plenty of lap space. You see, my brother and I are both avid lap sitters – we often try to curl up on the same lap. Oh, and Ben is a lap hog but don’t tell him I said that.

So if you are looking for a Chubby Hubby® and a Chunky Monkey® to share your life with, come on in and visit us. We are ready to Banana Split on out of here and start living the "Americone Dream!"

Click here for more information on how you can take home these flavorful kitties today.