Pet of the Day: Misty

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PET OF THE DAY: My name is Misty and I've been at Cat Depot for a long, long time. Over two years!

My stay here has wreaked havoc on my girlish figure. When I came here as a two-year old, I was a slender, slinky goddess. Because of my stunning beauty, I was crowned "Miss Cat Depot" the first year I was here.

I stayed pretty active at the beginning. But as time went on and I wasn't finding a forever home, I sort of lost my energy. I found solace in bowls of yummy kitty chow and I really looked forward to meal times.

I was tired of spending my time in just one place. So I got my passport and took a trip to another suite. It was nicknamed the "chubby pod," which I don't think is very flattering. While vacationing there, I worked on losing a few pounds. And it paid off!

 My next trip was to another suite. I had a short vacation there and then I jetted off to one of the Cat Depot offices. I really enjoyed my time in the office. But, I did miss my adoring public. I needed more people to gaze upon my beauty. Since I had such a nice stay at the "chubby pod" (and I admit that I didn't exercise much during my travels), I decided to take my next trip there again.

 And that's where I'm hanging out now. Travel is very tiring and I'm enjoying my naps (as you can see). Please stop into Hugh's Playhouse and visit me. I love attention and if you pet me, I will entertain you with stories of my world travels.

If you are interested in adopting Misty, please call the Cat Depot in Sarasota at (941) 366.2404.