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Giving Animals a New Leash on Life

(Family Features) With limited resources, animal shelter groups across the country work tirelessly to help animals in need find the homes they deserve.

Bradenton's "Paws in Motion" walks to help animals

BRADENTON, Fla. – The Humane Society of Manatee hosted its 8th Annual Paws in Motion Walk-a-thon Saturday. The money raised went to the Humane Society to provide food, shelter and medical care for the hundreds of animals in need.

Animal sanctuary owners agree to turn over rescued animals

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. -- The owners of a Manatee County animal shelter that is under investigation have agreed to transfer ownership of its animals to allow them to be adopted.

Tips on finding a lost pet

For pet owners, losing a pet can be stressful and overwhelming.

Saving Max with mushrooms

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- One in four dogs will develop cancer this year. The diagnosis can be devastating, especially for those with one of its most aggressive forms—hemangiosarcoma—that kills in less than 90 days. But now, the key to a longer life could be held in an ancient Chinese mushroom more than 2,000 years old. Also, it may not be just for man’s best friend, but man himself could benefit.

What's in your pet's food?

The following pet health scenarios frequently involve the foods pets eat:

Cat Litter--A Surprising Solution For Winter Woes

(NAPSI)—When the weather outside gets frightful, many consumers will be glad to know that there’s a cat-care product that can provide an answer to many winter problems—cat litter.

Finding Rover Smartphone App - Find your lost dog

The "Finding Rover" company say they're on a mission: rescue every lost dog.

Suncoast Dog competes in the super bowl of dog shows

SARASOTA, Fla. - A Sarasota Weimaraner , a 22 month old named Ziegler, known as Ziggie to his friends, competed at the Westminster Dog Show on Tuesday.

Do you know your pet's 'normals'?

Many times when a pet is ill, a trip to the veterinary office can seem overwhelming. Owners may feel anxious about making a trip with an injured or ill pet, worried about their pet’s condition and have legitimate concerns over the cost of medical care.

If This Doesn't Make You Hug Your Dog Or Cat I Don't Know What Will! WOW!

Get ready to smile, and to sing and dance! If you believe in rescuing pets, this is not to be missed. (Also, if you love Abba as much as we do, this is for you!) This video perfectly captures all of the happy feelings associated with adopting pets. Special thanks to the folks at the Wake County SPCA for making this video. Visit them at It’ll make your heart melt! Please SHARE with friends and family!

Include dental checkups for pets when visting the vet

February is National Pet Dental Care Month. For pet owners, this can mean not only helping their pets to live healthier and longer lives, it can also mean saving money in the short term by saving on dental care products and services.

Return Match: ABC 7's Linda Carson and the Goat butt heads again

PALMETTO, Fla. - A year ago, as she was on camera doing a story about 4H Club livestock exhibits at the Manatee County Fair, Linda Carson stepped into the goats' pen and was sent flying by Son, the goat.

Red Cross app offers help with emergency pet care

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Red Cross has a new app for pet owners. It's a Pet First Aid App that puts lifesaving information in the hands of dog and cat owners so they can provide emergency care until veterinary assistance is available.

ABC 7's own talking pet?

SARASOTA, Fla. – With all the recent attention paid the Husky that kept saying 'no' to its owner, it turns out one of our own here at ABC 7 has a talking animal of their own.

Create positive changes for pets in 2014

As I sit to write, a 6-month-old gray, Burmese kitten named Jupiter is kneading the blanket that is draped over my feet. Izzy, a mature, sable, female Burmese is lying at my side.

February is Pet Dental Health Month: Are Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy?

(c) Andres Rodriguez -

Owner of dog hit by car on Christmas Day says she wants the dog returned

BRADENTON, FLA. - Leona Gibson has only owned Bandit about a month but the bichon/cocker-spaniel mix given to her by a former neighbor, has quickly became part of her family.

Namath's daughter reunited with dog lost years ago

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — A small dog that wandered away from its owner in South Florida five years ago is finally back home.

A veterinary version of the '12 Days of Christmas'

Merry Christmas to all of you who read this column. Your love of animals and feedback are appreciated throughout the year.

Deadly pet treats: Information you need to know

SARASOTA, Fla. - The FDA continues its effort to find out more about a deadly batch of dog treats. Hundreds of dogs have died, but there are steps that can be taken to keep your pet safe.

St. Pete woman adopts Sarasota fat cat

Tiger is a 35-pound tabby.

Sarasota County Commission considers banning the sale of dogs in pet stores

SARASOTA, FLA. - Patrick Voleck makes his living with animals as the owner of Top Dog Pets and Grooming. He is worried about an ordinance being discussed by the Sarasota County Commissioners that could ban the sales of dogs and cats from retail pet stores like Petland, Puppies R Us, Puppy Town and Top Dog Pets.

Safeguard pets during holiday season

With the Christmas season in full swing, it’s a good time to consider making the holidays and cold-weather months safer for pets. The first step is making your home and decorations pet friendly.

Dog photos make emotional impact

MANATEE CO., Fla. - There appears to be a growing trend at dog shelters around the nation, where photographers are using their talent to help save K-9 lives.

Consider pets' safety in your holiday planning

With Thanksgiving approaching, this is a good time to do some planning for pet safety.

Tips to keep your pet safe, healthy during cooler months

The cooler autumn months can bring lots of great opportunities to share time with pets both indoors and outdoors. While enjoying the cooler months, the following tips can help keep your pet safe and healthy.

What problems may lurk beneath your pet's tail?

There are some parts of a pet that get more attention than others, like the parts that look at you so sweetly when you’re eating or the part that takes as many treats as you can hand out.

Jerky treats from China continuing to sicken and kill pets

Numbers released by the FDA on Tuesday show an unsettling picture.

Acupuncture for pets: Benefits beyond pain control

For thousands of years, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, which includes herbs, nutrition, therapeutic massage and Tuina, have been effective treatments for pain, allergies, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and all other illnesses.

Donte's Den will give home to pets that lose their owners

MANATEE COUNTY - Suncoast dog owners have long worried what will happen to their pets when the owner dies or becomes disabled.

Take the fear out of treating pet cancer

Pets with tumors and cancer have many options for treatment, which include noninvasive and nontoxic approaches that improve the quality and length of life.

Getting relief for pets with itchy skin

Veterinarians frequently enter the exam room to find a pet that is itchy, with red skin and varying degrees of hair loss. Skin conditions may be found on the feet, face, over the back, under legs, belly or all over the body.

Pet's eye health a reflection of overall wellness

While attending veterinary college, I held ophthalmologists (vets who specialize in eye care) in high esteem. They not only diagnosed eye disorders, but also identified many obscure medical conditions, cancer, liver disease and viral conditions affecting other areas of the body.

Hot weather worse for pets with health conditions

Summer is a great time for pet owners to get outdoors for fun in the sun. Unfortunately, when the heat and humidity become intense, the risk of heat exhaustion also increases.

Underwater treadmill provides more benefits than going for a swim

Physical rehabilitation for dogs and cats has become more available over the past decade. Several veterinary schools offer post-graduate training in therapeutic massage, spinal manipulative therapies, acupuncture, and physical therapy that includes swim and underwater treadmill conditioning.

Suncoast CEO offers Six Best Practices For Online Retailers

SARASOTA, Fla. -- Excerpt from Forbes magazine by Tricia Bolds, president/CEO, Gulf Coast Pet Supplies of Sarasota:

What's that smell? Check with vet to diagnose pet odors

If you love your pet, but not his odor, you aren’t alone.

Warnings for pet owners looking for cost cutting

Three of the most common methods pet owners use to cut costs include:

Enjoy the outdoors with pets

Pet owners look forward to getting outdoors with pets as soon as the weather gets warm. These important considerations can make your pet’s time outside safer:

Antibiotics 101: the good, bad and ugly

An antibiotic is a chemical substance produced by one organism that is destructive to another. The word antibiotic came from the word antibiosis a term coined in 1889 by Paul Vuillemin that means a process by which life is used to destroy life.

Get the most value from veterinarian visits

Going to the vet can be overwhelming for pets and owners. Taking time to read, make lists and prepare questions can help you and your veterinarian create the best care for your companion.

How To Incorporate Pets Into Your Wedding

If you are knees deep in planning your wedding, then you already know that 50 percent (or more) of wedding planning is honoring the most important people in your life. After all, there's a special place for your closest of friends as honorary attendants. Then you acknowledge your other friends as bridesmaids and groomsmen. Your grandparents and parents are ushered into both the ceremony and the reception. We find ways to include important aunts, uncles, cousins, and other friends by asking them to do readings, make speeches, handout programs, or help decorate.

Pet owners have more options for medicating pets

During my first year in practice, I had three unfortunate experiences that were frustrating because the pets could have survived if different forms of drugs or delivery of medications and treatments had been available at the time.

Enrichment activities help make pets' lives more interesting

Chipper is a 10-year-old dog with anxiety, low energy, and obesity. It seemed he lived to eat and go on slow walks to the edge of the yard and back indoors for a treat.

Pets' exams should include regular eye checks

When healthy, pets' eyes express emotions, give clues about their needs and indicate when they want to play, go for a walk, or share affection.

Newer, safer anesthetics are available for pets

When King, a 22-year-old cat, came into my office with a broken leg, his owner said she felt his case was hopeless. She had been to another vet who had refused to anesthetize him to set the leg, fearing he would not wake up from the procedure.

ABC 7 Outtake: Linda Carson vs. the goat

PALMETTO, Fla. – A valuable lesson was learned by ABC 7’s Linda Carson Tuesday: never turn your back on a goat.

Family pet turns hero on camping trip

Our pets are like our family members. They are there for us when we need company and love us unconditionally even on our worst days. But sometimes they can also save our lives, as one Sarasota family found out on their camping trip a few months ago.

Pampered pets a booming industry

When we say we love our pets, we put our money where our mouth is. The American Pet Products Association says that Americans now spend more than $50 billion a year on their animals.

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