A veterinary version of the '12 Days of Christmas'

Merry Christmas to all of you who read this column. Your love of animals and feedback are appreciated throughout the year.

Deadly pet treats: Information you need to know

SARASOTA, Fla. - The FDA continues its effort to find out more about a deadly batch of dog treats. Hundreds of dogs have died, but there are steps that can be taken to keep your pet safe.

St. Pete woman adopts Sarasota fat cat

Tiger is a 35-pound tabby.

Sarasota County Commission considers banning the sale of dogs in pet stores

SARASOTA, FLA. - Patrick Voleck makes his living with animals as the owner of Top Dog Pets and Grooming. He is worried about an ordinance being discussed by the Sarasota County Commissioners that could ban the sales of dogs and cats from retail pet stores like Petland, Puppies R Us, Puppy Town and Top Dog Pets.

Dog photos make emotional impact

MANATEE CO., Fla. - There appears to be a growing trend at dog shelters around the nation, where photographers are using their talent to help save K-9 lives.

Jerky treats from China continuing to sicken and kill pets

Numbers released by the FDA on Tuesday show an unsettling picture.

Acupuncture for pets: Benefits beyond pain control

For thousands of years, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, which includes herbs, nutrition, therapeutic massage and Tuina, have been effective treatments for pain, allergies, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and all other illnesses.

Pet's eye health a reflection of overall wellness

While attending veterinary college, I held ophthalmologists (vets who specialize in eye care) in high esteem. They not only diagnosed eye disorders, but also identified many obscure medical conditions, cancer, liver disease and viral conditions affecting other areas of the body.

Hot weather worse for pets with health conditions

Summer is a great time for pet owners to get outdoors for fun in the sun. Unfortunately, when the heat and humidity become intense, the risk of heat exhaustion also increases.

Underwater treadmill provides more benefits than going for a swim

Physical rehabilitation for dogs and cats has become more available over the past decade. Several veterinary schools offer post-graduate training in therapeutic massage, spinal manipulative therapies, acupuncture, and physical therapy that includes swim and underwater treadmill conditioning.

Suncoast CEO offers Six Best Practices For Online Retailers

SARASOTA, Fla. -- Excerpt from Forbes magazine by Tricia Bolds, president/CEO, Gulf Coast Pet Supplies of Sarasota:

What's that smell? Check with vet to diagnose pet odors

If you love your pet, but not his odor, you aren’t alone.

Tina: Purr-sonable Pussycat Seeks Purr-fect Purr-son

My name is Tina, and I am a personable Torbie—or tortoiseshell tabby—who is looking for a lifetime of commitment, love and affection. As a retired mother of three beautiful kittens, I would enjoy finding a home in which I can put up my paws and relax. A dream come true would be spending my post-mommy years sprawled out on a couch, browsing through my favorite books (I think I have earned it!).

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