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Canine Influenza - Should You Get Your Dog Vaccinated?

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) -- Canine influenza has made its rounds across the state, including cases diagnosed here on the Suncoast. The good news? Local veterinarians are finally seeing a decline in dogs being seen for flu symptoms. 

While the cases of canine influenza are dropping off - there is still a chance your dog could catch it. The symptoms are very similar to flu signs in humans - a cough, a runny nose, and eye discharge. How do you know if your dog should get the vaccine for influenza?

"You always have to think about the dog and their exposure, so if they are one of those dogs that can be around alot of other dogs - boarding, grooming, dog parks, then we would recommend it because it is here in Florida," says Dr. Janina Krajewski of Dr. Nina's Pet Hospital.