Bark for Rescue Challenge

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SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. -- A new phenomenon is about to hit the social media circuit – the “Bark for Rescue Challenge.”

This social effort, which is going to use hash tag #BarkforRescueChallenge, hopes to attract thousands of followers. “This is a creative way to spread rescue awareness via social media and in communities nationwide. Times are tough and so many are in need.” says Wanda Mendozapet sitter and animal advocate. “As long as I can help make a difference in one dog’s life, this will all be worth it. I challenge all of Southwest Florida and the world to get involved with fostering and/or adopting instead of breeding and buying. Now, is the time to make a change."

The challenge is easy so that everyone or any age can be involved. It involves taking a video of your dog barking (They can bark once or as long as 10 seconds). At the beginning of your video say your dog’s name, where you are from and what local rescue or no-kill shelter you are supporting, post that video to social media, and then nominate at least 3 others with dogs to do the same. Those who do the challenge are also asked to donate at least $10 or more to the rescue or shelter they support and let the organization know you are participating through “The Bark for Rescue Challenge”.

Your video can be uploaded to

Wanda adds, “I have 3800+ friends on my Facebook page and most have a dog or two. If 2,000 of them would do the challenge and donate $10 to their local rescues, that is $20,000 being spread throughout the country just from my friends. What a difference it makes to many rescues and no-kill shelters. So many lives would benefit.”