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If Bacon Doesn't Work....

My rescue pup, Lela loves food. This dog even goes out of her way to chow down on napkins/paper towels/plates/trash bags that have come into contact with some yummy, intended for human-consumption-only delights. 

You are NOT the boss of me: A lesson in defiance

She just doesn't understand. My (un)sweet chocolate lab, Ella refuses to obey. I picked her, feed her and take her on walks...but who are we kidding, she runs the house. 

Finding Rover Smartphone App - Find your lost dog

The "Finding Rover" company say they're on a mission: rescue every lost dog.

If This Doesn't Make You Hug Your Dog Or Cat I Don't Know What Will! WOW!

Get ready to smile, and to sing and dance! If you believe in rescuing pets, this is not to be missed. (Also, if you love Abba as much as we do, this is for you!) This video perfectly captures all of the happy feelings associated with adopting pets. Special thanks to the folks at the Wake County SPCA for making this video. Visit them at It’ll make your heart melt! Please SHARE with friends and family!

February is Pet Dental Health Month: Are Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy?

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Bark In The Park.

Pet of the Day

Buff Male Looking for a Lifetime of Laughs

Hello, my name is Tuna! I am a five-year-old, buff-colored male (I bet you thought I was the other kind of "buff"-gotcha!) who loves to laugh. As you can see, I am a real jokester. I enjoy playing with anything that moves and making people smile.

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