Parents at Lamarque say they should have been told

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NORTH PORT, FL - Following the health concerns raised at Lamarque Elementary School in North Port. Today we talked to more parents who believe their children may be sick because of what's in air. Reports of allergy and respiratory issues.

Meanwhile experts weigh in on what's not at the school. The Florida Department of Health says their studies show there is no tainted drywall and air samples came back normal. Still the Sarasota County School District says they will conduct more studies on why a handful of staff members continue to complain about the conditions.

Cara Wilke is the parent of an eight year old at the school. She says she's upset because they should have been told. "My daughter has been sick for a month. It would have been nice to know that there are other people going through the same thing. That maybe we needed to look at the source of the problem which could possibly be the school."

The school district says they are currently organizing a teleconference in which parents will be able to ask questions and get answers. We are told that should be taking place some time next week.

We will have much more on this story coming up tonight on ABC 7.