Traveling? How you can stay entertained with mobile TV options

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Even when you're having fun on vacation, sometimes you long for the comforts of home. Or if you're on the road for business and not for pleasure, you may wish that after a long day of work, you had access to your favorite show on DVD to unwind. The good news is with new mobile TV options, you don't have to worry about missing that particular piece of home anymore.

Nowadays, all it takes to tap into the same entertainment options you would enjoy at home is a mobile device, tablet or laptop, and an Internet connection or strong cell signal. With on-demand libraries and even live entertainment options becoming increasingly accessible through your mobile device, it's easier than ever to bring your favorite shows and movies with you on the road.

Live TV options

While live TV used to be something tied directly to your house through your cable source, antenna or dish, live entertainment is now becoming increasingly accessible wherever you are. Many cable channels have developed or are developing streaming options through their websites or mobile apps that allow you to watch live from anywhere along with your log-in information from your cable service provider.

If you subscribe to a sports package from one of the major professional sports, there's a good chance you'll also have the option to watch online through either a laptop or an app for your mobile device. Strides are even being made in developing digital antennas for mobile devices that allow you to direct TV signals from local stations into your phone or tablet for viewing without having to use any data or a Wi-Fi connection - making it a good option for long family car rides where you might not have a good signal for data transmission.

On-demand options

One the best developments for travelers has been the increase in on-demand options that can be accessed through any device with an Internet connection. Subscription services like Netflix have moved much of their libraries online and cable and satellite providers have followed suit. For example, DirecTV offers a free app that allows you to access the same on-demand entertainment that you would get at home through your mobile device.

Home check-ins

You may decide you just want to forget about TV and take a break while you're on vacation. But if you want to catch up on shows when you get back, your mobile device can help with that too. Many of today's DVRs are connected to the Internet as well, and you can program your device remotely if you forgot to set your favorite shows up for recording before you left.

Whether you're looking for a familiar source of entertainment while you're away from home, or simply want to keep yourself occupied during a flight or a long car ride, mobile TV options are increasingly expanding to meet your needs.