Jesus's Lost Years Revealed In New Thriller Novel

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(NAPSI)—A great mystery, one that has baffled religious scholars for centuries, is tackled in a new thriller novel, “The Breath of God,” in which readers are taken on a breathless, page-turning adventure.

The History

It starts in 1887, when a Russian journalist, Nicholas Notovitch, claimed he had made an explosive discovery in the Himalayas. Notovitch published his findings in 1894 but was quickly condemned and silenced for what was perceived to be heresy. Evidence of his discovery then mysteriously disappeared and the story faded into obscurity.

Starting with this historical fact, Jeffrey Small, a respected commentator on religion and spirituality, has written a novel setting contemporary religious conflicts and his protagonist’s personal journey against ancient history and accepted religious dogma.

The Mystery

The story centers on a young doctoral candidate who hopes to prove that a series of legends indigenous to South Asia refer to spiritual pilgrimages of Jesus during his “missing years” between the ages of 13 and 30. Set amidst the dramatic Himalayan landscapes of Bhutan and exotic, mystical India, this debut novel weaves a tale of hidden teachings, religious secrets, ancient and current-day cover-ups, and fanatics who distort the truth for their own agendas.

“The Breath of God” (West Hills Press) addresses Notovitch’s claims and tackles whether there is fact behind his alleged discovery of a fifth Gospel. Through Small’s protagonist, it explores what Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism have in common and similarities in the spiritual paths of the Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad.

Library Journal says the “tale is for fans of Dan Brown’s thrillers as well as readers who enjoy visionary fiction,” while RT Book Reviews says it’s “a thought-provoking masterpiece.” The Progressive Christian Review calls it a “breathless quest.”

The novel relies on Small’s impressive scholarship and extensive research, which took him to the Himalayas, monasteries in Bhutan, and Yoga ashrams in India. When not writing, Small often speaks on the topic of how to think about religion in a scientific and multicultural world.

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“The Breath of God” (print and digital) is available where books are sold. Learn more at


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