Do you know the signs of a healthy thyroid?

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When all systems in your body are working well and you're feeling great, you tend to take your health for granted. However, taking your health for granted may cost you if you are not proactive about maintaining wellness. Your health should be considered an invaluable asset that makes a difference in every aspect of your life, from your work to the activities you enjoy to your self-esteem. When taking your good health for granted, you might not think that one tiny gland could throw off all of those things, but it really can.

The thyroid, a small, butterfly-shaped gland in the throat, regulates your metabolism, converting oxygen and calories into energy. It governs a host of your body's processes, functions and systems, from energy levels to body temperature, weight, mood, and more.

Imagine, then, what the consequences can be if your thyroid isn't functioning properly. It can wreak havoc on your heart, cholesterol levels, brain function, bones and joints - in addition to making it incredibly difficult to maintain or lose weight.

Unbalanced thyroid gland function can be caused by a number of factors, some of which are beyond your personal control, such as age, menopause, pregnancy or a family history of thyroid problems. However, there are some lifestyle factors that also affect the thyroid, like a diet high in MSG or bad fatty acids, an iodine deficiency or exposure to too much fluoride or chlorine in drinking water.

Unfortunately, many people with thyroid problems visit the doctor not knowing exactly why they're suffering, only to walk away frustrated without an answer. It's a frequently missed diagnosis, but sometimes you might have thyroid issues even if your tests are "normal."

Pay close attention to your body and see if a combination of these symptoms of thyroid problems applies to you:

* Weight gain, even with lowered food intake

* Exhaustion

* Consistently cold hands and feet

* Brittle or thinning hair

* Dry, flaky skin

* High cholesterol

* Diminished libido

* Sluggish bowel function

* Difficulty sleeping

* Irritability

If you're experiencing symptoms like these, it's important to find out if your thyroid is functioning properly and how to treat thyroid problems. You can discuss this topic with your doctor, but you can also consider taking Thyroid Complex supplements to help encourage proper thyroid function and general good health and wellness.

Herbal thyroid support can be a good solution for people who feel they are mysteriously unable to lose weight and are always feeling fatigued. Because thyroid function is so closely tied to the ability to burn calories and regulate weight, giving the thyroid the attention it deserves is essential.

A healthy life is rich with activity and enjoyment - and when your health is suffering, it robs you of those valuable experiences. By taking steps to support your overall well-being and thyroid health, you'll be giving yourself more opportunities to make the most of life. For more information on optimizing thyroid health, go to On the site, you can learn more about this very important gland and take a self assessment to determine if your thyroid is working properly.