Why Their Favorite Gift Might Be A Smartphone

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(NAPSI)—Smartphones are one of this year’s hottest gifts. But with more high-tech gizmos and gadgets popping up, how do you decide which smartphone is the best for those on your list?

Before you hit the stores or settle down with a big mug of cocoa for some online shopping, keep these three tips in mind:

1. Buy one-size-fits-all: Smartphones these days can be extremely niche. Why not look for a device that can meet multiple needs? For instance, check out smartphones that let you access files from your home computer—like music, movies and photos-while on the go. One smartphone making headlines this season is DROID RAZR by Motorola. It comes with accessories that transform it into a full-blown computing device—no need for expensive laptops. The sky’s the limit with these gadgets; but beware, you might snag one for yourself, too.

2. Get hands-on: There’s no doubt that online shopping is easy, but you really need to get hands-on to choose the right smartphone. Play with them. Compare them to similar devices. How does the display look? Is it intuitive to use? Visit a store like Best Buy, where you can explore a variety of smartphones and ask salespeople to walk you through the top features of comparable devices and try them for yourself. And if going to a physical store is a hassle, visit online sites that offer side-by-side comparisons and post customer reviews.

3. Know your audience: Different smartphones are targeted for different types of people. Think about how the person will use the device. Will he or she use it for watching HD movies and playing games? If so, look for big, bright displays. Does he or she need a device that will survive potential bumps and drops? Look for one that can withstand scratches and that’s built durable.

There are some incredible smartphones available this year, and you’d be hard-pressed to find one that won’t be appreciated by anyone on your list.


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