Restaurant 101: Commercial kitchen necessities

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A commercial range is every bit as important as your walk-in refrigerator when running a commercial kitchen. Here's what you need to know so you get the best option for your needs and set up your restaurant business for success.

Commercial range

You have to select a commercial range that will fit your chef's workspace and won't crowd the employees in the kitchen. Four burners is the absolute minimum, but six to eight is much better for more efficient cooking in a larger restaurant. Commercial ranges are available in both gas and electric, depending on your needs and preferences.

Depending on the type of food you plan on serving, a grill or griddle top included with your commercial range is an added plus. It also offers you a marketing opportunity as you can promote healthier foods on your menu because they aren't cooked in a deep fryer or fried in a skillet - with a griddle the fat drains away.

Commercial oven

One oven isn't enough; two or three is ideal if you have the space, as your kitchen help will have to cook for many people at the same time and must be able to produce quality foods quickly. If you're starting a new restaurant, it's wise to have a general sense of your menu and intended seating area prior to buying a commercial oven because you'll know just how much space you need for baking.

Plating and prep

Your plating and prep stations should be within reach of your commercial range so your cooks can access the plates and serving items they need quickly and without loss of food. Time spent running around the kitchen is a waste and food can be dropped on the ground if trying to transfer it to a plate that's too far away. Customers that have to wait too long for their food are typically not happy customers. Unhappy customers aren't repeat customers.

When deciding on what commercial range and other kitchen appliances to purchase, it's wise to speak with professionals at a restaurant supply store. A company like can help provide you with insider advice and expert opinions so you can set up the kitchen your business needs to be successful.