How to make sure your family vacation has something for everyone

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Family vacations are a source of great fun and memories for years to come, but that doesn't mean that finding a destination that will entertain every member of your family is always easy.

Getaways with the whole family are all about finding that happy medium, and if you find the right destination both adults and kids will be able to have the time of their lives. For many families, that means finding one destination that offers a little something for everyone. Resorts like Terranea, which is a prime destination for family vacations in Los Angeles, offer a wide variety of activities and entertainment - the key to a successful family trip. Here are a few things you should look for in family-friendly destinations as you plan your next family trip:

* Kids activities. There's no better way to make your kids feel like they were considered in your vacation plans than choosing a destination that features activities designed just for them. Terranea, for example, offers adventure camps just for kids that range from golf lessons to eco-adventures featuring a variety of outdoor activities. They even offer a course on video game design and special effects editing from L.A.'s Planet Bravo. And while the kids are away at camp, Mom and Dad can hit the links or simply relax by the pool with a book.

* On-site entertainment. Having both family-friendly and adult-oriented entertainment options at your destination allows you to spend less time traveling and gives you more flexibility to enjoy more of the activities you love. Terranea offers falconry where families can watch the birds take flight at breathtaking speeds before returning to the hand of their trainers. Adults can enjoy an open-air art tour on the resort's grounds or take in some live music on the weekends during the summer at the on-site pub.

* Varied food options. When it comes to eating on vacation, adults and kids can have very different tastes. Adults may long for food options that they couldn't get at home and are representative of their destination's local cuisine, while kids are often less adventurous and enjoy the things they are used to. By choosing a resort that offers a range of unique restaurants, cafes and lounges, you can explore the more exotic options while your children can opt for the familiar if they so choose.

* Family-friendly lodging. For families, cramming everyone into a hotel room is not really the idea of a relaxing getaway. Terranea offers Casitas and Villas with private entrances and multiple bedrooms which give families a little more room to spread out. Both of these accommodations also feature kitchenettes so you have the option of a home-cooked meal or two instead of always having to dine out.

By making sure your destination offers something for everybody in your family, as well as activities that you can all enjoy, you can rest assured that your trip will be one to remember.