Getting a high school degree can be a sound investment.

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(NAPSI)—Getting a high school degree can be a sound investment. Students who drop out of high school tend to earn less and to have a lower quality of life. Many work multiple jobs just to support their family.

Also, those without a GED diploma tend to get the lowest paid and the least stable jobs. As of 2009, nearly 30 percent of adults living in households at or below the federal poverty line did not have a high school credential.

While people may know they need a GED diploma, they often lack the resources to get started.

The Road to a Better Life

To help, the Ad Council and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation have launched a series of public service advertisements (PSAs) promoting their national GED Achievement campaign. The campaign is designed to provide high school dropouts with the encouragement and information needed to begin the road to a GED diploma.

“Through this campaign, we hope adult learners are inspired to complete their high school education by pursuing a GED,” said Susan Lanigan, member of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation board of directors.

Stars Give Pep Talks

A number of celebrities including Jamie Lynn Sigler (“The Sopranos”), Jerry Stiller (“Seinfeld”) and Christopher Lloyd (“Back to the Future”) are participating by giving a series of pep talks in the ads. The PSAs show that getting a GED diploma gives you access to more possibilities in life-further education, better job prospects and more confidence in yourself.

The campaign, which is also available in Spanish, directs individuals to a toll-free number (877-38-YOURGED) and the campaign website,, where they can find referrals to free GED programs and information on the GED diploma process.

Tips on Finding Help

Additionally, the site offers a zip-code search for local literacy centers, the hotline number, a simple six-step process towards earning your GED, and inspirational stories from adults who have earned their GED.

To learn more, call (877) 38-YOURGED or visit the website at


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