Making work better: industrial organizational psychology

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Employees are the heart of any business, so recognizing their value and helping them work efficiently is vital to an organization's success. To make sure their workforces are operating at optimal levels and to promote growth, many companies hire individuals trained in industrial organizational psychology, an area of behavioral science devoted to the study of how people work.

Industrial organizational psychology applies research and studies on employee thoughts, activities and attitudes to the business context. Practitioners study human motivation and organizational behavior as well as job analysis, employee assessment, statistics and leadership theory. They may observe groups and individuals, lead focus groups, conduct interviews and complete case studies as part of their process. Tasks and responsibilities can range from evaluating individual employees' skills and abilities to documenting company culture. Using their findings, IO psychologists may make suggestions for hiring, reorganizing teams or entire departments, altering compensation plans or improving the workplace environment.

As the nation's oldest, nonprofit graduate school dedicated exclusively to psychology and related behavioral sciences, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers organizational psychology graduate programs to develop students' understanding of human actions as well as their management and leadership skills - abilities that will help them build productive relationships with employers and clients.

Students pursuing a master's in industrial organizational psychology at The Chicago School can potentially find a wide variety of employment opportunities in a growing field. Businesses of all types and sizes - small start-ups, non-profits, large corporations and more - recognize the value of enhancing the workplace, maximizing employee satisfaction, improving workflow and meeting the challenges that may inhibit or slow growth opportunities.

You can have a meaningful and rewarding career helping companies improve performance through better workforce design, coordination and management. Transform yourself and transform your world with a master's degree in industrial organizational psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.