The real reason the bride is glowing

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With June just around the corner, brides all over are in the final stages of preparation for the big day. Whether she is walking down the aisle next month or next year, looking and feeling great on her big day is at the top of every bride's to-do list.

Brides sometimes go to extreme measures to lose weight for their wedding. Most engaged women (70 percent) said they'd like to lose weight, typically 20 pounds, according to a Cornell University study. Brides often wait until the last minute to slim down and then opt for extreme measures, like juice fasting, inserting feeding tubes and hormone injections. Experts say there are more rational and safe ways to ensure a bride is calm, fit, healthy and glowing on her big day.

Six natural ways for brides to look and feel their best:

"We're always getting questions from brides looking for advice on looking and feeling their best," says Koren Barwis, a health and wellness coach at Pure Matters, a premium online vitamin and supplements store. She offers the following tips for brides:

Build immunity: You may say "in sickness and in health," but the last thing you want to be is sick on your big day. Boost immunity internally with a natural product like Immunity Gold or Complete Biotic.

Manage stress: Wedding planning can be stressful. Get in the habit of actively managing stress through yoga, which has been shown to reduce tension and even bring down blood pressure. Taking supplements containing L-theanine, a natural relaxant, or Enliven with 5-HTP, a serotonin derivative, may also help manage your mood and anxiety.

Fit in the dress: Since wedding dresses run small and many brides will have two to three dress fittings to ensure the proper fit, keeping one's weight in check is a top priority. Weight management supplements like Chromium Polynicotinate and Hoodia Gordonii are all-natural, support healthy blood sugar levels and can help manage appetite.

Have his back: Don't forget your main man. He can start feeling a little ignored with all the attention paid to wedding plans. Give him the gift that keeps on giving - a men's multivitamin. It is a great way to show him you care and that you'll be taking care of him for years to come.

Photograph well: No amount of makeup, nail polish or hairspray can cover up dry, brittle hair, skin and nails. Start with a strong foundation, from the inside out. If you're looking for long, beautiful nails, Biotin is formulated to promote healthy nails and lustrous hair. For glowing skin, consider taking BioCell Collagen II for several weeks or months before your wedding day. This super supplement helps skin retain moisture and elasticity and may be the real reason the bride is "glowing."

Get sleep: When life gets hectic, sleep is usually the first thing to go. Adequate sleep is essential for looking and feeling good, as well as thinking clearly. Plus, sleep-deprived women tend to weigh more. Consider Rest Easy, an all-natural blend of enteric-coated melatonin, GABA, valerian root and more.