Maintaining your car throughout the year is vital to ensure safety and will save you money over time.

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(NAPSI)—Maintaining your car throughout the year is vital to ensure safety. These tips will prolong your vehicle’s life and may save you from costly repairs.

• Change the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on make and model, to keep the engine lubricated and prevent breakdown of engine parts.

• Inspect tires regularly to ensure they have proper air pressure, are in good condition with no puncture marks, and have a solid tread to achieve better gas mileage and avoid safety issues like hydroplaning on rainy days.

• Cleaning the engine, the heart of the vehicle, can protect it from dirt and grime buildup that can cause overheating. Using an engine-specific cleaning system like GUNK Original Engine Degreaser in tandem with GUNK Engine Protector will remove caked-on buildup from the road and leave a layer of protection, allowing the engine to run cooler and more efficiently. Cleaned and protected engines are less susceptible to salt and grime accumulation, lessening the chances of engine troubles. For more information, visit

• Check hoses and belts before road trips to ensure nothing is loose, frayed or cracked, which can cause parts to snap or break. Have a mechanic check out any parts with excessive wear to determine if they need to be patched or replaced.


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