North Port could re-ask residents if they want districts

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NORTH PORT, Fla. - Commissioners are discussing re-asking voters if they want commissioners to come from specific districts throughout the city.

In 2012 57% of voters approved the move. However, some city leaders say they've heard from many who did not understand what they were voting for and the impacts.

It means the growing city will constantly be redrawing the five districts. Something which does not come cheap.

It also could limit potential candidates from running. Currently no matter where you live in the city you can run for any open seat. This would limit residents to their specific seat which only comes up ever few years. You could even have four or five candidates running for one seat and none for another because nobody living there ran.

If another vote is not put out districts would need to be drawn by the end of the year.

We will hear from those on both sides of the argument coming up this evening on ABC 7 @ 6.