Your independence, your freedom

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SARASOTA, Fla. -The nations anthem is one of the many symbols of our country's independence.  The song ends with the phrase "land of free and the home of the brave" but not everyone thinks we are living up to those expectations.

"We are dangerously close to trotting all over these things, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, the rule of law and everything that we fought for.  The government has gotten too big. They're becoming intrusive,"  said Leo Belill. 

Belill is one of many who spent a portion of their day honoring those who fought for our country's freedom.  And, he's not alone in his beliefs.

"We are loosing our civil liberties daily.  The drones and the spying that's going on, because you never know when you're going to be spied upon.  We're living in 1984 all over again," said Barbra Bailey.

In recent months Americans learned about the government's efforts to spy on citizens and the press.  There is also the debate over gun control and the IRS scandal.  They've left many celebrating independence day, with mixed feelings of excitement and worry.

"I believe freedom overall in America is still there, but I believe it's under attack because of various amendment to The Constitution of the United States," said Ritchard Bozach.

Many we spoke to say current laws and regulations go against the ideals our founding fathers stood for.

"The government is too much in our business and it rules us a little too much," said Elizabeth Belill.

But despite our county's short comings everyone we spoke to says there is still much to be celebrated.

"We wave up every morning and are able to go back and forth in our home and able to read our bible were able to do things that people in other country's are not able to do," said Debra Blair.

And even with our problems everyone we spoke to say they would rather live here in America than any other place.