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10 years later, man's mysterious murder remains unsolved

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - It has been 10 years since a North Port man died and his killer - or killers - remain free.

On July 13, 2008, Alex Teehee, a 20-year-old father of two, was found alongside a Port Charlotte road. He died in the hospital days later and it's still unknown if he was hit by a car or beaten to death.

"We can't really grieve Alex being gone, because we are so angry with the system," said Alex's mother, Carol Teehee.

Teehee family frustrated with death investigation

A voicemail left hours before the crime by someone Alex knew named Michael Sylvester said he was going to kill him. At one point, Sylvester confessed, but the State Attorney's Office said the confession was coerced.

Later, another man, Ralph Loosman, was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide, but the charges were dropped by the State Attorney before trial.

A third man, Matt Tricarico, who the family says has ties to local law enforcement, has also been linked to the case.

"Alex was murdered. These three boys were involved. We know that for a fact," said Jana Teehee, Alex's sister. "These are repeat offenders with a violent pattern that is traceable."

Four years ago, ABC7 Sarasota tried to speak with Florida Highway Patrol about the case. We received a statement, which said, "We have completed a thorough investigation and we are unable to actively pursue further action in this case. Should any new information, evidence and/or witnesses be discovered, we will proceed processing those new leads."

The Medical Examiner's Office determined Alex had been murdered. The family hired forensic experts and forensic engineers, who found paperwork that showed investigators with the Florida Highway patrol were trying to obtain samples of DNA found under Alex's nails and a subpoena for the DNA of three people who were with Alex that day. That subpoena was denied by the State Attorney's Office.

When we attempted to interview the State Attorney's Office four years ago, they declined, instead sending a statement, which said, "Between the conflicts in the evidence and lack of evidence as to what occurred that night, we cannot establish whether the death is the result of a crime or not. As in any case, if we are presented with additional evidence that is sufficient to go forward, we would re-open our case."

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