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World War II history lands at the Venice Airport

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VENICE, FL (WWSB) - Climbing through the B-24 you get a sense of what it must have been like to fly in one in the 1940's.

"We used to go through here with the bomb doors open," Harold Jordan told us, while crawling through the open-bottom plane. We asked what it was like to see the ground thousands of feet below you while moving about the plane, "It was one way of getting from the front to the back."

At 19-years-old, Jordan was in the Army Air Corps. He flew in a B-24 over the South Pacific in World War Two.

"It's nice to see the old thing again. Realize how primitive it is," Jordan said.

Jordan told us the only thing that's changed in 70 years is how easy it is for him to crawl through it.

"When you looked up from the Navy (landing craft) all you see was black sky with all the planes. Thousands of them," Angelo Erace told us.

Erace was on a Navy landing craft going into D-Day. He remembers seeing the B-17's flying overhead.

"I remember them making a lot of noise dropping bombs," Erace said.

The B-24, B-17 and P-51 Mustang are taken across the country by the Collings Foundation as pieces of living history.

"Just spread to the public, which tend to be learning less and less about World War Two, just what this Greatest Generation went through for our freedom," said Chief Pilot Robert Pinksten.

As for those who flew on them, it's a special thing to climb back aboard… and to tell the younger generation about it.

The three aircraft will be at the Venice Airport until the 12th. There is a fee to get in.