Woman baptizes daughter, lands in jail

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WSOC/CNN) - The power of faith has caused some believers to surrender their lives and their freedom.

Kendra Stocks is caught up in what some might call the modern-day version of that.

"It’s just very sad. It's all just a very sad situation," Stocks said. "I'll get through it and hopefully come out a better person because of it. Strong women reign."

Stocks is in jail because she violated a judge's order that gave the father, Paul Schaff, primary decision-making control over their 2-year-old daughter, including matters of religion.

The day after the judge issued that order, Stocks went out and had their daughter baptized.

Schaff wasn't told and found out about the ceremony on Facebook. He cried foul and Judge Sean Smith agreed, finding Stocks in contempt.

Stocks was supported by a couple of friends and her mother. They shared an emotional embrace before she was processed.

“Her father and I both agreed on baptizing her. I regret that he wasn't part of it, but I don't regret that we're raising her in the Catholic faith, which is what we both wanted," Stocks said.

After their goodbyes, Stocks was searched, by a female deputy and handcuffed just like a common criminal.

Her mother, Carol Stocks, cried as she walked out of the jail.

"She's wonderful. They play all the time. She teaches them things. She's an incredible, loving mother," she said.

Stocks and the baby's father are not married. Both are Catholic.

The father's attorney says that jail time is the price that Stocks has to pay for making bad decisions.

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