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What Margaret Good's victory means for Suncoast, Florida

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - One of Sarasota's Republican-held state legislative seats now belongs to the Democrats. Margaret Good defeated Congressman Vern Buchanan's son, Republican James Buchanan in the race for State House District 72.

Good is already hitting the ground running in Tallahassee. After the exciting victory here at home Tuesday night, good drove to Tallahassee early Wednesday morning to start serving District 72.

Good defeated Buchanan by 7 percentage points in a Republican dominated district. There are more than 122,000 voters in District 72. A majority of them, 42 percent, are Republicans. Only 32 percent are Democrats, which leaves a surprising 25 percent of voters as "other".

All parties were well represented at the polls. Thirty-six percent of registered voters showed up to vote.

"It's likely that we've had more turnout than any other special state house election in recent history and possibly most other special elections in Florida," Supervisor of Elections Ron Turner said.

If you breakdown the voters by party, 20,341 voters were Republican. Another 17,515 were Democrats, and 6,342 voters were "other." A total of 44,193 people voted.

"It says the Democrats are highly energized, but there's no way that you can get that margin unless Margaret Good takes a good chunk of the NPA voters." political analyst Frank Alcock says. "More importantly, there were a significant amount of Republicans that crossed over and voted for Margaret Good. That's the only way we could end up with the results that we ended up with it."

The nation's eyes are on this victory as this is the 36th time a GOP held state legislative seat has changed parties since President Trump took office.

"Trumps base remains energized, but beyond his base, he might be losing the more tepid supports," Alcock says. "That's what happened in this District 72.

Good is stepping into her role halfway through the legislative session. This session runs through March 9th.