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What freezing temps could mean for your plumbing system

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - The weather will be turning cold along the Suncoast on Wednesday night into Thursday morning, with close to freezing temperatures expected for much of the area.  

This could be a short term problem for your plumbing system, in particular your water pipes. 

The good news, frozen pipes likely won't produce a catastrophic situation at you home this week.

Greg Faulkner, plumbing manager at Plumbing Today said "Bursting pipes are not a major concern because of the short duration of the freezing temperatures." 

That doesn't mean your pipes won't freeze according to the experts at Plumbing Today. 

The biggest problem that homeowners might face in the next day or so is from exposed water lines.

Those include the main supply line that comes out of the ground and runs into your home, back-flow devices on your property (which protrude from the ground in an upside down U shape), and outdoor supply lines for a hose hookup. 

If any of those lines do develop an "ice plug" overnight, it should quickly thaw out once sun comes up according to Faulkner.

Homeowners who are concerned about ice plugs can prevent it by slightly opening up a faucet to let the water trickle out.