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Video: Truck plows through Walmart's doors in TX

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SAN ANGELO, TX (CNN) - A truck barreled through the front door of a Walmart store early Thursday morning.

Police said the man tried to run over his girlfriend.

It started when a witness saw 19-year-old Caleb Wilson leaving the store with a woman and arguing with her in the parking lot.

The witness intervened and convinced his companion to go back in the store. That's when Wilson got into his truck and crashed into the store, police said.

Police said when they arrived on the scene, Wilson sped away and hit a car in the parking lot.

He was finally arrested in the parking lot of a gas station after briefly resisting arrest.

Police took Wilson to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. He is facing multiple felony charges.

The store is cleaning up the mess he made. The damage is estimated to be about $500,000.

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