Tallahassee goat therapist; for you, not your goat

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TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL DIGITAL) -- Therapy pets… The image that comes to mind is a puppy nuzzled in someone’s arms or a kitten peacefully napping. Or maybe, a cuddly farm animal?

After working with goats for 5 years, Julia Shewchuk, Serenity Acres Farm owner, thought goats would make the perfect therapy animal.

She describes goats as inquisitive, emotional, and intelligent.... Sounds like man’s best friend. In fact Julia said, “Goats are just so similar to dogs.”

Shewchuk teamed up with the Animal Therapy Program at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and Aloe, the first local therapy goat, began the training program.

Aloe’s handler, Diana Arbuzoba, had been volunteering on the farm and was interested in the animal therapy program as well. Diana said, “I’ve read about therapy llamas before and just thought, why not goats?”

Serenity Acres Farms is now working towards training and certifying more of their goats through Tallahassee Memorial’s program.

If you are interested in working with the Animal Therapy Program, click here. They are always looking for more volunteers, animal and human.