Marijuana found at Georgia post office

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CAIRO, GA. (WTXL)--Tens of thousands of dollars worth of marijuana is discovered at the Cairo, Ga. post office.

Commander Kevin Lee with the Thomasville/Thomas County Narcotics Division says two men were trying to pick up packages, believed to be suspicious.

A Brooks County K-9 unit was called in and the dog alerted on three packages which drug agents say contained marijuana on Monday.

Drug agents say Eric McCoy checked on the availability of the one of the packages and then later another man, Tamarcus Sharpe, went to a counter and picked up two of the boxes.

Law enforcers say when they approached Sharpe, he ran and later threw down the boxes. He was taken into custody along with McCoy who they say was sitting outside the post office in a car. They're in jail on marijuana trafficking and firearm charges.