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Man sleeping in dumpster nearly crushed by trash compactor

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BRADENTON, FL (WWSB) - A garbage truck driver realized he picked up more than just trash early Friday morning after he discovered a man in the trash compactor of his truck.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff's office, a 12:00 a.m. deputies responded to Advanced Dental Care, located at 109 44th Ave. E. in Bradenton, for reports of a man stuck on top of a garbage truck.

James Bohlert was reportedly sleeping inside the dumpster at the dental facility when the container was lifted by the garbage truck and dumped into the main compactor portion of the truck.

Deputies say the driver, who was not identified, noticed Bohlert on his camera after he had begun to compact the garbage and heard yelling and moaning.

Once the compactor had stopped, Bohlert climbed onto the top of the truck, where he stayed until deputies arrived.

With the help of the Fire Department, Bohlert was retrieved from the top of the truck and medically cleared by firefighters.

While searching the area for Bohlert's personal belongings, deputies discovered he had been sleeping in a dumpster full of medical waste, that had spilled when the truck driver abruptly put the dumpster down.

MCSO says they found medical irrigations syringes, some of which still had a hypodermic needle affixed, as well as a biohazard bag filled with dental imprints and oral suctions tubes.

Responding deputies properly disposed of the items and stated the Fire Department would follow up with a report on the improper disposal of medical waste.

At this time it is unclear why Bohlert, who did not suffer any injuries, was sleeping in the dumpster.

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