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WATCH: Manatee County School Board members have disagreement in parking lot

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BRADENTON, FL (WWSB) - A heated dispute between two Manatee County School Board members is now being investigated by police after the entire incident was caught on camera.

Board chair Scott Hopes and board member David Miner got into an argument during the school board meeting last Tuesday. Then, that feud spilled over into the parking lot where one board member claims he was assaulted.

"It started here in the meeting, based on removing an item from the consent agenda," Hopes says.

During a four minute video captured from security cameras Hopes claims that Miner used profanity, screamed at him and told him he shouldn't be on the board.

The video shows Miner getting into his vehicle and starting to back out of the spot. Hopes is at his window. He says he went back to tell him to turn his headlights on.

"I believe he tried to run me over with his car," Hopes says. "Within minutes of the incident happening, I reported it to the Sergeant that was on duty."

So Bradenton Police Department's investigation began.

ABC 7's Jess Doudrick tried to get Miner's side of the story Thursday. She stopped by his office several times and was told he wasn't available. Miner also didn't return any phone calls.

The next Manatee County School Board meeting is just five days away. Hopes says he'll be there.

A BPD officer already attends every school board meeting. There's been no comment on whether or not more security will be present.