Video shows Crow Watching cartoons

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PUNTA GORDA, FL (WWSB) - A video of an injured Florida Fish Crow watching cartoons is gaining attention on Facebook.

The video, posted by the Peace River Wildlife Center in Punta Gorda, shows Spirit, a resident Fish Crow, enjoying cartoons on a smartphone while nursing an injured foot.

Most wouldn't consider watching cartoons a worthwhile activity, but for crows, who are very intelligent, any form of new stimuli and activity can be beneficial.

Peace River Wildlife Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Florida's native wildlife. The group treats injured and orphaned birds, mammals and reptiles and provides necessary medical treatment, with the goal of releasing the animal back to the wild.

Those who cant be released, like Spirit, reside at the center, where the public can learn about and see first-hand the wide variety of birds and mammals that co-inhabit our area.

The Facebook post described Spirit as "loving" the extra attention she is receiving while she recovers. As for the cartoons, it was one of the rehabbers who had the idea to give Spirit a chance to kick back and enjoy some much needed R&R.

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