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Venice high students concerned after school shooting

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VENICE, FL (WWSB) - "It's sad that it's something we have to worry about and take precautions about because it shouldn't be an issue nowadays," said 12th grader Jessica Gonzalez.

Unfortunately though, it is an issue these days. On Thursday, teachers were trying to help make sense of a senseless tragedy.

"Once we started talking about it, I started to get a little upset. It's just a very sensitive topic," said 10th grader Trey Harris.

It is, however, a topic students feel strongly about,"There's nothing stopping anyone, if you think about it, from going in and shooting up a school if they so please and want to do that. It really is intervening early and making sure that each school has a psychologist on campus," Gonzalez said.

Venice High works to create positive relationships with students, making them comfortable speaking out. The cliché "If you see something, say something." While it's worked with many… some still aren't there.

"There are certainly kids in my classes that I notice are not really comfortable around the teachers," said 9th grader Dylan Bechtold.

Doors at Venice High School are always locked and lockdowns are practiced twice a school year. Law Enforcement goes room-to-room making sure everyone follows orders. "We go and check the safety mechanisms at the school. Are the doors locked, is every student in a class, are they away from the doors and windows are their lights off," said Assistant Principal Melanie Ritter.

The school's last lockdown drill was in November.

"I don't sleep well when something like this happens. Because I know when I come to school I'm responsible for the students, staff and community," Ritter said.

Most of the students agree there needs to be a better emphasis on students with mental illnesses. Making sure they have the help they need.

"We just need to help those kids mentally so that more things like this don't happen across the nation," Bechtold said.

That "see something, say something" motto is repeated every morning, over the announcements on the PA system. It's all in an effort to get students more comfortable with if they see something, say something.