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Venice considers new parking lot near Sharky's on the Pier

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VENICE, FL (WWSB) - Given the difficulty one can often face finding parking at Venice Beach or Sharky's on the Pier restaurant, the City of Venice is considering an empty field, adjacent to Sharky's and the beach, into more parking.

98 parking spots to be specific. Last year the idea first came up but it was tabled when the money couldn't be found.

"This is one of our most popular beach locations in the entire city. Between the pier, Sharky's restaurant and Fins restaurant," Assistant City Engineer James Clinch said.

And given that, the parking lots fill up fast. That could adversely affect Sharky's… which may be the reason they're willing to help fund the $450,000 project.

"We would pick a number and put that towards the parking lot. Then, whatever the remaining part is we would pay for it and they could pay us back over the course of three or four years in rent credits. We provide them with pretty substantial rent checks every year," Co-owner of Sharky's Justin Pachota said.

Last year, Sharky's paid the City of Venice $751,000 in rent. That help from a local business could get the project moving.

At this point the City Engineer is working with the contractor to get an updated figure for how much the project will cost. The engineer will then take that before city council who will decide in the next few weeks whether they want to move forward with the project.