Urn with husband's ashes stolen during burglary

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SARASOTA- Burglars stole more than just jewelry and electronics last Friday night. The crooks also got away with an urn carrying the remains of Josh Adams.

The burglary happened at a home on Helene Street in Sarasota. Someone broke in through the screened porch and entered the home through a sliding glass door. Josh's widow, Trish Adams, believes the burglars may have mistaken the rectangular shaped urn for a jewelry box.

"My thought are that since it does not have any jewelry in it, they are going to discard him in a trashcan or a dumpster. It is just unimaginable," Trish said.

Adams died suddenly last April.

Trish is offering a reward of up to $500 to the person who returns the urn.

"To have it returned to me would be the best Christmas gift I could receive right now," said Trish.

Trish is hoping the urn will be returned so one day she can pass it along to her 4-year-old son, Owen, who knew his father for only a few short years.

"For Owen to be able to have his dad's ashes means the world to me," said Trish.

Fingerprints have been collected from the scene and are currently being analyzed.

Anyone with information on the crime, or the whereabouts of the urn, is urged to call Sarasota County Crimestoppers at (941) 366-Tips. Callers can remain anonymous.