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Today Sarasota protesters stand with Gaza & Palestine at Marina Jack

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - Clashes this week over the U.S. Embassy moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem have turned deadly for dozens of Palestinians. 

Today, some local protesters plan to rally on the Bayfront in Sarasota. 

Today protesters will be at Marina Jack to voice their concern and speak out against what they say is a massacre of Palestinians.

Dozens of Palestinians were killed this week, when demonstrations near the Gaza border turned violent this week.

Yesterday was also a landmark in the middle east.

Israelis celebrated it as the anniversary of the Jewish nation, established 70 years ago.

Palestinians also have a name for it, Nakba Day, or day of catastrophe.

This is when more than 700,000  Palestinians were displaced from Israel.

The local protest is organized by a group called the answer coalition, whose aim is to stop war and end racism.

Organizer Bryan Ellis says the group supports the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

 "This is about human rights and right and wrong , killing peaceful protesters is wrong. We want to go out and call for everyone to stand in solidarity with Palestinians right of return to their ancestral homeland" says Ellis.

Ellis with Answer Coalition says his group is not Anti-Semitic.

He  says many of his members are Jewish.

Many of them will be at Marina Jack protesting from 7 p.m - 8 p.m. 

The Suncoast isn't the only area in Florida seeing protest.

Orlando protesters stood in solidarity of Palestinians Monday and Tuesday.

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