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The "Mini Pig of Venice" is facing eviction

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VENICE, FL (WWSB) - Save Hamilton, he's not a swine.  That's the main message behind a new petition that is calling for people to support the pig in a battle between the Woodmere Lakes Homeowners Association and the owners of Potbellied pig. 

The pig's owners say their homeowner's association is finding them in violation for keeping a swine on their property. But, they say that's all wrong because "Hamilton is a purebred Miniature Potbellied Pig and as such a common household pet and not a swine." 

The petition also cites a Sarasota County Ordinance that exludes "Purebred miniature potbellied pigs" from being considered as farm animals if they are not being raised for food or as a product.

As you might suspect, Hamilton the Mini Pig of Venice even has a facebook page. One recent post shows him catching a nap next to the family dog: